Loving a Place You've Never Been

by River Teeth

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Hayley Geilfuss
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Hayley Geilfuss I need lyrics......Sam Favorite track: old hinge.
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CD's/Tapes available through Brace Cove Records


released December 11, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Erik Paulson
Album artwork by: Kyle Zimmerman
Logo by: Alexis Politz
Bandcamp layout: Travis Lee



all rights reserved


River Teeth Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: aquamarine
We’ll drift apart as the cemetery speaks. I’m counting up a million raindrops at my feet. With damage done and damage to repeat. In separate beds, lying restless in our sheets. It’s all gone wrong, but we’re in line to repeat. It’s all gone wrong. We’ll drift apart.
Track Name: black
We’re always dreaming of an alternate ending. A fissure of light. But we’re stuck here pretending. It’s an empty color in a world picked over. Any instance of life easily swept under. It’s an empty color in a world picked over. Letters painted black in the hall that said “hold fast hope.” We followed them, they swallowed us whole. Nothing left to fear. From the tree tops. On the sidewalks. When the day’s done we are no one. We slip away leaving traces behind. Traces of what we were. And when it all falls apart there’s nothing left to fear.
Track Name: swell
Away, the thoughts just drift so far out of your brain. They plague us in alarming disarray. Like being caught outside under the rain, I’ve run out of words to say. You asked me once now as again. “How long? How long does grieving take?” It’s strange, I’m unsure. Where do I begin? Dim lit in empty sentiment. Unsure, where do I begin?
Track Name: entangle//detach
I’ll wash myself away. Slip slowly, slowly down the drain. Down into blackness now. No sweet talk or “I’m sorry’s.” Don’t tell me I’m guilty. Down into blackness now. It’s frozen and empty. Lights fading, don’t help me. And I know the memories will decompose like the branches we were taught to follow. Turn blind eyes to truth again. When you speak in the mirror to a heartbeat that stalks at the thought of an ending. Sleep to dream, remember me. Sunsets and power lines. Waves crashing on campsites. The film’s exposed, it’s fading now. Sunsets and power lines. Waves crashing on campsites. There’s nothing left to look back on.
Track Name: old hinge
A suitcase packed for reasons undefined. She’s trying to figure out what you left to find. A daughter left without a father to explain why he left her love behind and washed the family down the drain. A cold rush of empty mountain air reminds her of fingertips through her hair. And just like you blew hinges off the doors when you went away, so it goes. That devouring silence walking her home, there it goes. She’ll always wonder why with tear filled eyes and empty midnight skies. She’ll always wonder. Like a thief in the night you never even kissed her goodbye. When will you go home? And where did you go? I hope that it burns you alive as you lie awake at night. You’ll never know but she’s fine without you in her life. I hope that it burns you alive. I hope it eats you up inside that you’ll never look into her eyes.